Don't Wait - Dri



Don't Wait - Dri


It's been a while
since I've had time to talk to you
Talk about what we've been up to
Give me some time
Let me find out when you'll be back
and we can sit
and you can play me a new track

It's been years
sort of seems like you've disappeared
Been away
but you'll be back in a few days
Get on a plane
and we'll celebrate your new fame
Right away
you can see my new... [?]

Don't wait,
Don't wait.

And in the sun
you can burn everybody else
Look around
seperated... [?]
I'm not surprised
that we fell in love in a lie
The universe
couldn't stop it and it didn't try

Track me down
when you get back into town
Love to talk
we can see when you're back around
Time is now
and we're right where we wanna be
I love you more
'cause you are the one who set me free

Don't wait,
Don't wait.






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