VOL.6 晴

01 Jessica -- Adam Green 选自[Friends of Mine]

02 Free To Be Me -- Haroula Rose 选自[These Open Roads]

03 Automatic -- Pajaro Sunrise 选自[Pajaro Sunrise]

04  You Belong To Me -- Jason Wade 选自[Shrek]


05  Take Me Away -- Chase Coy 选自[Goodbyes and Autumn Skies]

06  Sunshine -- Sparklehorse 选自 [Good Morning Spider]

07 Down at the Coffeeshop - Katie Goes to Tokyo 选自[Katie Goes to Tokyo]

08 Stuck On You -- Dan Mills 选自 [Home Before the Rise of the Tide]

09 Now We Can Get On With Our Own Lives - Tram  选自 [Frequently Asked Questions]

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