Clare Reynolds - Coming Down


这首歌是Jane by Design 「设计人生」第一季第十七集的片尾曲

Where Jeremy left Jane saying he is out of the business, with all of it forever. Jane looked Jeremy go away.

Jeremy拒绝Jane接他回去的请求,并表明 Donovan的事情在与他无关....永远无关...




目前还没有找到歌词 :(

so don't cause it's broken out and everything that i know it's coming down it's coming down

i ran too giant to catch you to tell you that i love you, but you're gone you're gone

so don't tell me the truth cause i don't want to hear it at all


 so don't say anything to make the moment never changing....

Jeremy Jones 剧照

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    What was the name of the song where she was like partying by herself at the very end?------------------------------设计人生16集片尾曲。。。