Perfume Genius - Normal Song


这首歌是 Suits 「西装革律/诉讼双雄/金装律师」第二季第九集的片尾曲,Rachel告诉Mike他奶奶走了...

同时也是Private Practice 「私人诊所」第五季第十八集的插曲

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Hold my hand
I am afraid
Please pray for me
When I am away

Comfort the girl
Help her understand
No memory
No matter how sad
No violence
No matter how bad
Can darken the heart
Or tear it apart

Take my hand
When you are scared
And I will pray
If you go back out there

Comfort the man
Help him understand
That no floating sheet
No matter how haunting
And no secret
No matter how nasty
Can poison your voice
Or keep you from joy

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