Freddy Rawsh - Smoke Alarm 更新完整版


Freddy Rawsh - Smoke Alarm

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Freddy Rawsh - Smoke Alarm完整版

完整版视听 往下拉 第十五首歌曲是Smoke alarm 顺便听听他其他歌曲


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这张照片挺酷的 虽然不是这首歌曲的封面 但是意境恰巧吻合。
这首歌在myspace只有1分钟19秒,歌手好像是没有传完整版的- -

In 2004, Rawsh teamed up with long-time friend and producer Don Ramone of Track Static Productions
Since the collaboration, the two have worked to further advance
the grounds for hip-hop by creating exceptional music. His incredible imagination
Lyrical dexterity and passion for the salvation of Hip-Hop has influenced Rawsh
in creating triumphant and prodigious songs.
“Hip-Hop is a storm that is taking over music and I will catalyze this storm.”
After years of patiently waiting, Freddy Rawsh is ready to advance
the progression of Hip-Hop through the flexing of his musical arsenal.

2004年Rawsh和一个老朋友也是监制的Don Ramone 一起合作,做音乐。


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