Anthony Salari - Stupid Pretty Girl

Jane by design 设计人生第一季第十四集 Billy 跟踪 Zoe 去她真正的家的插曲~很欢快的一首歌曲

曲风有点像 Jason Mraz 哦.



You walked in and it was sweet sunshine
I wanted to hold your hand all the time
when I picked you my favorite flower
we smiled so much our cheeks hurt for hours
tomarrow came different and tomarrow came soon
you called me over to see your room
when I walked in you bumped my head
the blood ran pretty all over your bed

stu stu stupid pretty girl
came around and ruined my world
set my hair on fire
push me down and call me a liar

baby baby why you treat me so bad
cant you see that it makesme sad
all this ouh you put me through
you knew id do anything for you so
wait a minute where you goin now
I thought live was all about
a hug and kiss
or holdin tight
butyou brought knives to slice slice slice me


I dont love you like you want to
I dont need you like you need me to


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